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Design & Engineering

Pishro Zob Ator Company in its engineering department with formation of disciplines and departments such as building & industrial architecture, civil & structure, mechanic, HVAC & plumbing, electrical & instrumentation, process & metallurgy,… as multi-disciplinary provides all conceptual engineering, basic & detail engineering, purchasing engineering and workshop engineering.

Cooperation with large technologist companies in the field of ferroalloys such as SinoSteel, ZK, DHHI, Heyuan, etc. in various projects has made the company more specialist in design.
Considering the environmental aspects of design is one of the things that is done with the social responsibility approach in the company’s engineering department.

Engineering Division

Consulting , Supreme supervision and workshop Supervision

The selection and use of professional counseling services is undeniable and vital in the success of projects and the achievement of their predetermined goals. Consultant can take the technical guidance of the project and help the employers to make the right and on time decisions in the critical periods and turning points of the project implementation.

The most important services that can be provided in this field are:

  • Project Planning and Control services
  • Engineering & Design Services
  • Supply Services (materials, materials and equipment)
  • Construction and Installation Services
  • Quality Control Services
  • Commissioning & final take over
  • Workshop Supervision Services
  • Payment controls, Checking of contracts


Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is usually provided to banks and investors to convince them to participate in a profitable project, based on time schedule and required resources, reviewing revenues and return on investment.

The feasibility study of each investment project is done in three sections: Market studies, Technical studies and financial studies.

Usually this studies issues market status, product specifications, production capacity, required equipment, investment amount, and project profitability. The activities of our company in this field are:

  • Opportunity Studies
  • Preliminary Feasibility Studies
  • Feasibility Study
  • Technical Study

Feasibility Study