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White Fused Alumina



White Fused Alumina

White Fused Aluminum oxide (WFA or WA), a kind of high-grade refractories and abrasives, is made from the imported high quality alumina by melting above 2000oc in the electric arc furnace and cooling. It is pure white color with the main crystal phase a-AI203. White fused Aluminum oxide produced in the tilting furnace has the advantage of high bulk density and low porosity, thus the volume stability and thermal shock resistance can be improved.


Refractories: white fused alumina is the main starting material to produce high-grade unshaped and shaped refractories, such as large ladle castables, gunning materials, pre-cast shapes, corundum bricks, etc. It is widely used in Iron and Steel industry, cement industry, ceramics, petrochemical industry etc.


white fused alumina used as bonded abrasives, resin abrasives and coating abrasives, is suitable for the grinding & polishing, etc.

White Fused Alumina